Volunteers and Interns

Volunteers play a critical role in helping refugees adjust to life in America.  There are various ways to get involved as a volunteer…from building friendships to teaching English skills, volunteers accompany refugees as they settle into their new lives.  For a complete list of opportunities, see below.  You can begin the process by applying here.


If you are interested in finding out more about internships, please contact aepting@wr.org.

Volunteer Roles

Ministry Apartments 
Organize a small group to lead a tutoring program for refugee students or an ESL program for refugee adults at one of the apartment complexes where refugees live.  These occur during weekday evenings from 6:30-8p.  You can choose one evening/week to serve.  World Relief provides the training and structure.  This is a great way to serve with other volunteers and make an impact in the community right where people live. try-apartments

Welcome Kit Coordinator (One time opportunity, make take ~1 month to organize)
Organize your family, friends, small group or church to gather household items that refugees need in their first apartment. Your group may also help set up the family’s apartment and experience the joy of welcoming them into their new home!

Friendship Partner (2 hrs per week for at least 3 months)
This role focuses on 2 main areas: English and Life Skills. Refugees’ first few months in the US are an intense time of transition, a time of soaking in a new culture and learning how to navigate new systems.  Through this role you can help families learn English, basic financial procedures in the US, health and medical procedures, household responsibilities, aspects of American culture, and employment-related skills.  Volunteers will be given goals for the individual/family they are paired with and resources to help new refugees learn these skills.      
You will meet with adult refugees in his or her home once or twice a week, and become friends in the process!

Employment Service Mentor (2 hrs per week for at least 3 months)
Refugees are often eager and motivated to find employment as quickly as possible. Meet with an individual or a group for job training and interview preparation, enabling individuals to move toward self-sufficiency.

Good Neighbor Team (GNT) (Weekly/bi-weekly, 6 month – 1 year commitment)
Develop a long-term relationship with a refugee family by making a commitment as a household or small group. Good Neighbor Team responsibilities may include each of the other volunteer job descriptions while incorporating a team-based approach to service and a minimum time commitment of 6 months. Help a family get settled into their apartment, take them grocery shopping, invite them over for a culturally appropriate meal in your home, practice English (…and maybe learn their language), and more! –all in the context of a growing relationship.

To get started on your volunteer journey, please contact AEpting@wr.org or apply at the link below!